Our story

Hello, my name is shena and I am the founder of the ZZFABER.

ZZFABER used to make ordinary shoes. I met Janka  by chance. When Janka talked about the standard of barefoot shoes, I felt a light in my eyes
Isn't this just the shoes I need? Because I have been troubled by shoes for a long time. Although I am not very tall, I have a pair of broad soles. Hard to find in the local market Shoes that are suitable for us, and barefoot shoes can provide us with a pair of healthy and comfortable shoes. We decided to start our first step from the Czech Republic and Slovakia,Provide customized barefoot shoes service for our first group of small buyers who are keen on barefoot shoes.

Everything is difficult at the beginning. Since shoe manufacturers and designers have no experience in making barefoot shoes, we have been constantly exploring from the first pair of barefoot shoes designed.There are many problems in the R&D process, the biggest problem is the sole problem. A shoe sole developed in the early stage is moderate in width and wear-resistant, but it is thick and hard, which does not meet the standard of barefoot shoes.It is difficult to develop a thin and wear-resistant sole. We have accumulated many samples of barefoot soles in our sample workshop, and we need to continue to work with the factory and the sample maker communicate and change the sole abrasives again and again. Sometimes I feel too tired, but I think of the expectations of my loyal buyers, which are the support and praise of the old buyers let me stick to it till now.

When we were confused, we found a five fingered toe sole, which was very consistent with the barefoot standard.We decided to make a small amount of children's barefoot shoes with this five toed sole, and see the buyer's feedback. I'm glad that the buyer gave us great praise after receiving the shoes.Although the five fingered sole was praised by everyone, I found that we still need to do better, because this sole is not elegant. So we made our own in addition, an elegant new sole was designed. Although the current shoes are not as good as expected, we are still improving to make them more suitable for buyers demand. After such attempts again and again, we gradually formed our own mature production line and professional design concept, and the shoes produced are getting better and better,not only do we receive the favor from old buyers, but also more from other new buyers. Our factory also has a mature production line for barefoot shoes to meet the rising demand.

I am proud to say that all the buyers who come to our store to buy barefoot shoes will become our regular buyers. Many buyers not only buy barefoot shoes for themselves but also for their entire families.

I am very grateful to the fan buyers who have always supported our brand. We are all grateful to the old buyers.

We pay great attention to the wearing experience of buyers, and we will also listen carefully to the feedback from each buyer. According to the buyer's feedback, we constantly adjust our shoes are getting better and better.

Some new buyers will ask why our barefoot shoes are so cheap. Is there a quality problem?what I want to tell you is that we are manufacturers who produce products directly for the buyer. Our purpose is not to earn high profits, but to promote our brand through small profits and quick turnover.

It can be said that you only need to buy our shoes once to know the quality of our shoes.

Our tenet is good quality, good price and good service. Let more people know our brand.

What we pursue is to continuously design comfortable and elegant standard barefoot shoes for buyers.